Republicans Propose New Laws To Save Students From The Clutches Of Free Speech Hating Liberals

Republicans Push For Free Speech On Campuses.

Liberals dominate the teaching field. The number of liberals vs conservatives is astounding. According to a 2016 study, Liberal Democrats outnumber Republicans about 12 to 1. So this is why almost every campus is denying conservative speakers from talking some sense into these brainwashed students. But lawmakers have taken note and have decided to put a stop to the censoring of free speech on campuses.

Free speech is a big issue and it’s not just the speakers that are being affected by the liberal censorship.

“A recent gallop poll finds that 54% of college students say people on campus are afraid to say what the believe.”

Republican lawmakers are currently addressing the problem of free speech on college campuses. Over 8 laws are currently being enacted and States all over the US are proposing new freedom of speech standards.  In order to help students hear all perspectives, not just the liberal approved narratives.

a 2016 study showed there were 36 speakers disinvited from campuses across the country, and said “pretty much all were conservative.”

These Liberal colleges are preventing their students from seeing all perspectives and limiting their ability to handle controversy in a responsible manner.

A Florida bill approved by the Senate Education Committee, for instance, bans free speech zones on campuses and allows for suing the institution up to $100,000 in damages if the First Amendment rights of a speaker or protester are “willfully” violated.

This is to address a flourishing of the limitation of free speech, particularly across the country,” said bill sponsor Sen. Dennis Baxley, a Republican, according to the Gainesville Sun. “Many of our universities are restricting free speech to free-speech zones. And there’s something antithetical about a free-speech environment saying you can only do it in this little square.”

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The country is very polarized in many ways,” Lindsay said. “That means there’s growing anger on both sides. And when we become angry, we refuse to listen, and that is when the First Amendment is most in jeopardy, and it is also when the First Amendment is most needed.”

Thankfully Lawmakers are finally addressing this cancerous campus mentality as these students are the future of this country. We do not need oversensitive individuals who have no means of handling criticism running any part of our country. As it is we already have plenty of nonsense coming from the Left with disrespectful politicians like Waters and Pelosi. I fear the level of incompetence these brainwashed students would bring to our country and hope these new laws properly enforce the freedom of speech.