WHAT?! British Schools Remove Analog Clocks Due To Laziness?

Before the age of cell phones, people used to be more reliant on clocks. Clocks are still in use of course but the digital time version has become so readily available that some British schools have decided to drop Analog clocks altogether. Not because they have an abundance of digital clocks on hand. They are removing them because they have failed to teach their students how to read them.

It is amazing the number of students I am coming across in year 10, 11 … who do not know how to tell the time,” she began. “We live in a world where everything is digital. We are moving towards a digital age and they do not necessarily have analog watches anymore and they have mobile phones with the time on.”

But as you will see in the video below it is more than just a British problem as many in the US also can’t read an Analog clock.

“A 2017 survey in Oklahoma City found that only 1-in-10 children in the city between the ages of 6-12 owned a watch.  Of that number, only 1-in-5 knew how to read the analog watches, according to KFOR.”

I think the exposure to technology, everyone’s so used to seeing digital,” Caitlin Carnes, of the Boys & Girls Club at Santa Fe South Elementary, told the site. “They all have cell phones and tablets so they don’t have to look at a clock very often that’s analog.”

Some Teachers are even claiming that an Analog clock is too stressful for children and therefore should not be used as they want the students to be as comfortable as possible.

Schools will inevitably be doing their best to make young children feel as relaxed as the can be,” Malcom Strobe, deputy general secretary at the Association of School and College Leaders, told the Telegraph. “

There is actually a big advantage in using digital clocks in exam rooms because it is much less easy to mistake a time on a digital clock when you are working against time.”

So now its too stressful to learn how to read an analog clock?  This kind of reasoning could be used for anything. Oh, it is too stressful to do the math homework or no test today that could lead to stress. Sounds like teachers are being lazy and failing their students.