Amazing Student Exposes Teacher’s Anti-America Lecture

Teacher Caught Giving Anti-American Lecture.

I am glad I made it through school before it became common practice for teachers to bash the military, or in this case America. I understand there are college courses that question everything as far beliefs and personal philosophies, but these are kids.

Kids are impressionable, and they should not be subject to Anti-America propaganda. Why are teachers having such a tough time sticking to the subjects they are paid to teach?

Georgia’s Hampton Middle School has gained some national attention, and not the good kind.

Sixth-grade teacher, Johnetta Benton, was recorded by a student bashing America. A concerned student recorded her anti-patriotic rant.

“When my president says let’s Make America Great Again when was he talking about? He must be talking about when it was great for Europeans. Because when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities.”

If this were not enough the teacher indirectly called The President a racist, claiming his ‘Make America Great Again’ was an attempt to bring back segregation. This is what inspired the student, Josie Orihuela, to start recording as she thought her mom would like to hear what her teacher had to say about America and Trump.

But “the educator” was not done, as she had left the students out of the badmouthing and didn’t want to exclude them.

“Before you talk about somebody else, look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your ancestry in the mirror before you start saying you’re bad, and you’re bad, and you’re bad. So you can’t come. Because you happened to kill a few people but guess what? My people have killed millions. Not a few, millions upon millions, upon millions. Babies included.”

Wow. Now that’s teacher of the year right there. Attacking 6th graders self-esteem, and telling them that they have no right to be critical of a killer. Because they might have had ancestors that were involved in the death of millions.

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It’s no wonder we have a generation of people that are eating tide pods or becoming the puppets of Liberals in their Anti-Gun Agenda.

We need better teachers.