Biden ‘Writes’ Op-Ed For Wash PO Because He’s So Bad On TV, Problem Is…It’s Just As Ridiculous

So Biden has been so bad on TV that his campaign is now writing op-ed’s and publishing them. Yes, in the era of email, skype, zoom calls, TV, YouTube, and Facebook a candidate for President is publishing an op-ed and staying off TV.

There is no way this guy wrote this op-ed…

Second, he should fire whoever wrote it because the op-ed is a failed television interview. Half of the stuff in the op-ed is debunked For example “Biden” writes:

Governors from both parties are doing their best to make that happen, but their efforts have been slowed and hampered because they haven’t gotten the tools, resources and guidance they need from the federal government to reopen safely and sustainably. That responsibility falls on Trump’s shoulders — but he isn’t up to the task.

It’s been more than two months since Trump claimed that “anybody that wants a test can get a test.” It was a baldfaced lie when he said it, and it still isn’t remotely true. If we’re going to have thriving workplaces, restaurants, stores and parks, we need widespread testing. Trump can’t seem to provide it — to say nothing of worker safety protocols, consistent health guidelines or clear federal leadership to coordinate a responsible reopening.

Two weeks ago, Republican and Democrat Governors including the very liberal Gov. Murphy of New Jersey – on of the hardest-hit states in the country – met with President Trump and even told MSNBC he has everything he needs. He also left out that the State of Georgia has an incredible amount of testing, Kemp has encouraged all Georgian’s to be tested regardless if they have symptoms or not.

Again this op-ed reads like a bad TV interview just without the gaffes. The 700 plus word op-ed offers no plan or solutions just “orange man bad,” open economy bad, shelter in place good.

If you are going to slam the President for opening the country because one in five Americans is out of work you better have a plan. Also, there is no way he wrote this we’ve all heard him talk check out this line of garbage:

Instead of unifying the country to accelerate our public health response and get economic relief to those who need it, President Trump is reverting to a familiar strategy of deflecting blame and dividing Americans. His goal is as obvious as it is craven: He hopes to split the country into dueling camps, casting Democrats as doomsayers hoping to keep America grounded and Republicans as freedom fighters trying to liberate the economy.

You are telling me this guy wrote that?

You can read the op-ed here written by a campaign official, this article is not a response it’s whining without the gibberish.