Black Lives Matter Activist Caught In Money Laundering Scheme

In Atlanta, a Black Lives Matter activist is facing wire fraud and money laundering charges.

The FBI announced that Tyree Conyers-Page accepted more than $430,000 in donations through his Facebook page, Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, in July and August according to an affidavit filed in federal district court.

Despite Page claiming the group was a nonprofit on Facebook and was accepting donations through the platform, Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta lost its nonprofit status in 2019 after failing to file tax documents for three consecutive years.

Page is claiming that the fund donated were used to fight for George Floyd however, the affidavit claims he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on personal expenses including tailored suits and property purchases.

The national Black Lives Matter arm decided not to work with Page and make his group an official chapter because they were concerned over his ability to work with LGBT activists.

Activists associated with the National Black Lives Matter leadership had concerns about Major in 2016.

“He’s sending this message that nobody agrees with and he’s meeting with these powerful people,” said Asia Parks, an organizer with the activist group Rise Up. She said Maejor has played little to no part in organizing the protests that brought more than 10,000 Atlantans into the streets.

“His message is really of a personal matter and about himself,” said Devyn Springer, another Rise Up organizer.

“We do not have presidents of chapters. We do not have CEOs of chapters. That is not our ethos,” said Alicia Garza, a co-creator of the national Black Lives Matter network.

“I think there were lot of concerns around whether or not this person could work in a respectful and principled manner with people who were gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender,” Garza said. Being “queer-affirming” is one of Black Lives Matter’s 13 guiding principles.

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