As Wash Po Worships Portland ‘Riot Fashion’, Black Residents Have A Whole Different Feeling. ‘The Things We Care About Get…’

Black residents of Portland, Oregon, are claiming they have been drowned out by the Black Lives Matter protests that have dominated the city for over 70 nights. The violence and chaos caused during the riots are being done by predominantly white Antifa extremists.

“It happens so much that the things that we care about get hijacked and get put on the back burner. And that just gets put into a big barrel with everything else,” said Neil Anderson, a Black business owner. “We all want the same thing. But so often we get drowned out.”

The Associated Press reported that black residents in Portland are feeling shut out:

Chaotic and often violent protests against racial injustice have topped the headlines for days, but lost in the shouting are the voices of many Black Portland residents themselves — and their feelings about the unrest are nuanced and diverse.

Some feel the overwhelmingly white crowds of protesters — and particularly those committing vandalism — are co-opting the Black Lives Matter movement. Others welcome white demonstrators because with their larger numbers they can draw attention to the city’s racial inequity in ways that Black demonstrators alone can’t.

Some believe deeply that there can’t be a Black Lives Matter movement without defunding the police. Others say a recent vote to cut a specialized gun violence reduction unit is behind a sharp spike in shootings that’s devastated their community.

Primarily, there is a persistent worry that a critical opportunity for achieving racial justice in Portland’s tiny Black community could be lost.

The city has also experienced a spike in gun violence with triple the amount of shooting this July compared to the same time last year.

On top of that, the Washington Post is worshipping the Portland extremist in a long profile highlighting the violence.

Associated Press | Breitbart News