Buckle Your Seat Belts: Dick Morris Pulls No Punches About What Will Happen If Bernie Is The Democrat Nominee

Former advisor to Bill Clinton, Dick Morris during an interview on 970 AM New York City’s “The Cats Roundtable” predicted what will happen if Senator Bernie Sanders is the Democrat presidential nominee.

Morris said:

“Let me be clear: Bernie will get massacred by Trump. We’re not just talking about a minor defeat here. We’re talking about they lose the House. I think in the Senate, they could lose up to 60 seats. They could have up to 60 seat Republican majority, supermajority. I think that Bernie will get destroyed. I think the worst presidential defeat since McGovern.”

House Majority Whip Jame Clyburn (D-SC) probably didn’t realize it but, he agreed with Morris. While appearing on ABC’s “This Week” Clyburn said that if Senator Bernie Sanders is the nominee, whom he said is a socialist, it could put the House in danger.

The host George Stephanopoulos asked, “As far as Bernie Sanders goes, he built out that coalition in the state of Nevada, brought a coalition that he had in New Hampshire and in Iowa, but you’re already starting to see these attacks for his background as a Democratic Socialist. How deep will that cut in South Carolina, and if he’s the nominee, do you think it could put the House majority in danger?”

Clyburn said, “A lot of people think so. I do believe it will be an extra burden for us to have to carry. This is South Carolina, and South Carolinians are pretty leery about that title socialist.”

He continued, “So I think that that would be a real burden for us in these states or congressional districts that we have to do well in. If you look at how well we did the last time and look at the congressional districts, these were not liberal or what you might call progressive districts. These are basically moderate and conservative districts that we did well in, and in those districts, it’s going to be tough to hold onto these jobs if you have to make the case for accepting a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist.”

After the performance at the last Democrat debate, Trump is going to beat the pants off any one of those candidates.

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