CDC May Make A Big Change About COVID-19 That Will Cause The Media And Dems To Freakout

With a spike in cases of the coronavirus, the mortality rate inside the United States has dropped so low that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may change how it classifies the virus. 

Late last week the CDC reported that the Wuhan virus mortality rate has dropped so low that “the percentage is currently at the epidemic threshold.”

“Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza or COVID-19 (PIC) decreased from 9.0% during week 25 to 5.9% during week 26, representing the tenth week of a declining percentage of deaths due to PIC,” the agency wrote on its website.

In other words, if the death toll surrounding COVID-19 continues to drop the mortality rate would fall below the agency’s classification for an epidemic.

The CDC classifies an “epidemic” as “an increase, often sudden, in the number of cases of a disease above what is normally expected in that population area.”

By all accounts this is very good news however, the media has been fanning the flames of panic for weeks as cases spike in Florida, Texas, and California.

According to the CDC, the mortality rate for the coronavirus has continued to decrease nationwide after it’s peak in April.

One of the major factors that have brought down the mortality rate is current antibody testing that has shown more people have been infected with the virus than current testing data shows.

Dr. Scott Atlas said on Fox News earlier this week that testing data can be deceptive:

“The overwhelming majority are younger, healthier people,” Dr. Atlas said.

“It only matters if we cannot protect the high-risk people, which we are protecting … how do I know? Because the death rates are not going up.”

“Right now, the cases have been going up for three weeks. We have no increase — in fact, we have a decrease in death rates,” Dr. Atlas explained. “You know, it doesn’t matter if you get the illness if you’re going to fully recover and be fine from it. That is what people must understand. For younger, healthier people, there’s not a high risk from this disease at all.”

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