Check Your Privilege Ladies Because Eye Makeup Is Now ‘Racist’…It’s ‘Unapologetic Cultural Appropriation’

First is was cop shows, then it was Mrs. Butterworth’s, Uncle Ben’s rice, Eskimo Pies, and the list goes on and on and on.

They hypersensitivity from the new woke culture kick-started into overdrive after George Floyd’s death seems to know no bounds. The liberal woke mob has a new target and oddly enough it’s a trend that’s really popular in Hollywood. It’s a current eye makeup trend called “fox eye” social media and YouTube are flooded with tutorials on how to achieve the look.

Even large companies are in on the act like Maybelline who says fox eye is a “creative, multi-dimensional twist on the cat-eye.”

Kendall Jenner is one of the many celebrities who sport this style.



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Here is one of the comments on the above post…

Another popular celebrity that uses the “fox-eye” style is Megan Fox, there are even video tutorials on how to style your eyes like her.

Actress Megan Fox

Activist Sophie Wang was recently featured in an article by CNN claiming that fox-eye is “Unapologetic cultural appropriation.”

“The eye-pulls trigger flashbacks to my experiences in elementary school when my peers would make so-called “exotic Ching Chong eyes,” pulling the outside corners of their eyes to mimic the size and shape of Asian eyes,” she wrote.

Sadly Wang, who is now 17, was bullied in school:

On Asians however, this inborn eye shape is a feature to make fun of. Whether the look is achieved with make-up, eye-pulls or plastic surgery, the effect is the same: It’s still an age-old taunt. One time, I spoke up and told my classmates that the gesture was racist, only to be shot down with “jeez it’s just a joke, you can’t even take a joke?” From then on, all I ever did in defense was laugh; I wanted to be a “cool person” who knew how to joke around. Every morning, I would use my hands to push the corners of my eyes closer together, hoping that one day they would become round. Every time I took a photo, I would scrutinize how my eyes appeared wider than everyone else’s. My Asian-American identity was reduced to a single facial feature.

Wang isn’t the only one speaking out…

First of all Ms. Wang, I’m sorry you were bullied but, that doesn’t mean people who angle their eye makeup at a 45-degree angle are racists.

The world is losing its mind.