Clueless Gun Control Activists Don’t Stand Up To Simple Questions

Gun Control Advocates are constantly going on about gun stats, out of context or with little understanding about the weapons that they are demonizing.

You can see just how out of the loop these activists are when you hear their answers. ” Hi, I’m Linda and I agree with banning fully semi-automatic guns.”

You read that right. She said fully semi-automatic. What are those exactly? Does she mean fully automatic or all semi-automatic? Does she realize this would ban most handguns? I doubt it. She needs to understand what she is protesting,

But Linda was not a singularity at this protest. “What’s an AR-15?”

Protester that is a teacher according to her shirt. “From my understanding,  anything that has automatic loading and refiring, is something that can kill more people, more quickly.”

The NRA rep later asks her what a bump stock is. “Oh man, dude, you are asking me that?” The best part is when they trigger an advocate and she, of course, shouts out a random insult?

“What is the matter with your biology?”

Watch the Video Below.

These are the people pushing for gun control. The NRA needs to start showing up to all of these events. It seems like they could probably enlighten half of these people enough to get them to go home.  But it’s hard to blame them when the mainstream media is not doing any better.

Earlier this year a CNN reporter was misled or paid his Weapons Instructor to mislead the public. An Army Veteran claimed that he switched an AR-15 into fully semi-automatic mode. So there is no telling as to what the public knows when a Veteran is saying this.

It’s scary to see all of these people misled to the point that they think they need to protest. Why is it so hard for them to understand that guns are simply tools?