CNN Analyst Declares None Of This Would Have Happened If Hillary Had Won

Never-Trumper, CNN analyst Max Boot wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post and he claims that if Hillary Clinton was President the coronavirus outbreak wouldn’t be as bad.

“We couldn’t have avoided the coronavirus, but we could have ameliorated its effects,” he argues.

Boot, a military historian claims that the Wuhan virus is the “the most foreseeable disaster in history,” which is funny because he didn’t comment about until February 25th.

In his op-ed Boot claims that “Trump wasn’t paying attention” to intelligence reports however, failed to mention that President Trump enacted a travel ban on China on January 31st. Boot has also attacked the President for his travel ban on Europe, the man is out of touch.

Boot wrote:

Because of Trump’s negligence, the United States lost two months of response time — precious days that should have been used to test the population, produce more N95 masks and ventilators, and build new hospital beds. This past week, the Pentagon finally announced that a Navy hospital ship would be heading to New York — but it will take at least two weeks to get ready. Why wasn’t the deployment order given sooner? Even now, with the crisis upon us, Trump hesitates to use his full authority to order wartime production of ventilators needed to keep thousands of patients alive.

Utterly lacking in empathy, Trump is incapable of rallying a shell-shocked nation. When asked on Friday, “What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?” Trump launched into a tirade against the reporter who asked the question. Like the snake-oil salesman that he is, his version of reassurance is to tout miracle cures that have not been verified by medical science.

At no point does Boot discuss how Hillary Clinton would have acted differently, he simply claims she is a “sane, sensible adult.”

If Hillary was President we would look more like Italy that women is far from sane.

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