Cop Hating AOC Shamefully Uses NYPD Assassination Attempts To Push Agenda

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hates cops, a few months ago she supported anti-police protests in Brooklyn. Now after two failed assassination attempts on New York City Police officers AOC is shamefully using them to push her agenda.

“Twice in 12 hours, a single gunman terrorized the New York Police Department, firing upon and wounding uniformed officers stationed in the Bronx in separate attacks that officials have condemned as assassination attempts,” The Washington Post reported. “One officer was shot in the neck and chin Saturday night when the suspected gunman fired several rounds into a marked police van and then fled, authorities said. At 7 a.m. Sunday morning, police say, the same man walked into the Bronx precinct headquarters and opened fire again, striking a lieutenant in the arm and surrendering after his 9mm handgun ran out of bullets.”

Columnist David Webb called out Ocasio-Cortez over her silence and wrote, “I checked both @AOC and  @RepAOC and so far no comment about the #NYPD officers shot in her district.”

Ocasio-Cortez responded by writing, “This is not my district, but our thoughts are with all officers & people impacted by this shooting & the epidemic of gun violence in this country. Perhaps you would get less mixed up if McConnell stood up to the NRA & passed common-sense gun safety measures to reduce shootings.”

AOC’s comments seem to say that she thinks gun control would have been the answer to stop these violent crimes. However, as Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Sunday the man had a “lengthy violent criminal history,” which includes him spending ten years in prison for attempted murder; it was unlawful for him to carry a gun.

Former NFL player and Republican congressional candidate Burgess Owens responded to AOC saying, “Maybe this isn’t the perfect timing to remind us how clueless you are when it comes to gun laws. Maybe you’re not aware of how strict NY gun laws are, or maybe you’re just trying your best to capitalize on a tragedy and use it for talking points. Disgusting.”

Liberal policies that go easy on criminals are the issue, not guns.