Cutting Edge UV Treatment Bio-Tech Firm Gets YouTube Video Censored Because The New York Times Feared It Helped Trump

A cutting edge UV treatment biotech firm had its video censored from YouTube after New York Times reporter, Davey Alba went on a crusade to remove anything that could help President Trump.

Aytu BioScience has been doing research and is claiming that they can kill the coronavirus inside a patient’s bodies using a fiber optic catheter inserted in an intubation tube. A couple of days before the President’s press conference the company issued a press release on their findings. The company also said that they have a peer-reviewed study that is going to be published soon as well.

YouTube deleted the video created by Aytu BioScince on Friday night at the request of Alba who harassed YouTube until they deleted the video.

“I contacted YouTube about this video, which is being shared on tons of replies on Twitter & on Facebook, by people asserting that it backs up Trump’s idea throwing it out there that UV rays kill coronavirus. YouTube just said it removed it for violating its community guidelines.”

The video showed how their cutting edge technology worked and the method has been used in clinical settings.

Initially, YouTube refused to take the video down, after all this is an actual company creating a procedure that could be a game-changer. But, in perfect liberal “orange man bad” fashion Alba pressed.

“YouTube says these videos are not in violation of their misinformation policy after I flagged them to the company. They react to Trump’s comments last night throwing out there the idea of injecting disinfectant / UV light to kill coronavirus”

In perfect liberal fashion after Alaba had their video removed, he asked Aytu Bioscience for an interview. “Hi there, Josh and Mark. I’m a reporter at The New York Times and would love to be able to chat about Headlight if you have some time today. Hope we can email — [email protected]

AytuBioScience reposted their video on another video platform similar called Vimeo, you can watch it below.

The procedure has not been cleared through the FDA and is still in development. Classic liberal bully tactics killing American ingenuity to attack President Trump.

AYTU Headlight from Healight on Vimeo.

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