Democratic Senator Turns The Tables On The ICE Debate

The Democrats seem to be against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), since the border concerns with illegal immigrants. The Democrats seem to be more concerned about the illegal immigrants than the citizens that live on the border. But surprisingly there are some Democrats who understand the need for ICE. Democrats like Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Klobuchar is going against the Democratic party and is taking a sensible position when it comes to ICE. Despite the demand for the elimination of ICE from her party, she believes that “We are always going to need immigration enforcement.”

She was interviewed by ABC’s Martha Raddatz about her position on ICE.

Raddatz: “Do you think ICE should be abolished, Immigration Customs Enforcement?”

Klobuchar: “I think what has to change are the policies, and the people that are making these policies are making horrendous decisions, like separating kids from their parents. We are always going to need immigration enforcement. Martha, I think we know that. We are a major country with major borders, so to me, the issue is what are those policies and please let us get comprehensive immigration reform, something I have strongly supported for years.

We passed a bill out of the Senate that not only involved order at the border and funding for that. It also involved the path to citizenship for those that obey the law. For people who learn how to speak English, for people who are part of this country for decades and that is what I think we need.”

Watch The Video Below.

She is still a Democrat mind you but at least she understands the need for ICE. Which is huge considering most of her party seems to think it is unnecessary.

If we could get more Democrats like her that understand that the issue at the border is not ICE, but instead bad policy. We might actually be able to fix the border issue.