DESPICABLE Far Left Antifa Group Calls For Trump’s Death

The Left shows its ugly head. Incendiary News Service, A Leftist news blog showed just how violent the Antifa can be or at least what they aspire to be. The author claims that ICE Agents are evil. But he doesn’t stop there, he calls for the execution of ICE Agents and their bosses. The author calls Border Patrol, serial killers and claims they are being inhumane in their treatment of illegal families. But this really just sounds like a sympathizer.

Revolutionary organizations throughout the country such as the Red Guards appear to be organizing among the immigrant masses in forming defense units, rallying around the shared slogan of “fight ICE with fire!”

This author only hopes that this chapter in American history will also include the moment when revolutionaries rose up with the masses and slaughtered the fascistic Border Patrol dogs and their bosses, slaying them with revolutionary fire and justice.”

The entirety of the Customs and Border Protection, their Border Patrol agents, and ICE, like its parent and grandparent, the U.S. Government and American settler-colonialism imperialism, must be destroyed from without, not within.”

As the Red Guards and their supporters have said in the recent past, the time for activism is over. Now is the time for war. Now is the time to mobilize the masses, particularly the immigrant masses from Central America and Mexico, to exact revolutionary vengeance and seize power. Without it, everything is just empty words. End the barbarism. End U.S. imperialism!”

Inciting Violence over policy to keep Americans safe, yea that sounds like a leftist. I’m just surprised that he advocated for gun use. I thought the Left wanted to ban guns? Or are they only allowed in the fight against those that keep them safe…

We should put people like this in the same cells as MS-13 members. Then they would see first hand how important ICE’s job is.