Assaulted By Protestors Conservative Shelby Talcott Continues Her Amazing Work Covering BLM Protests

Most people doing know her but a journalist for the Daily Caller, Shelby Talcott is doing amazing work that should – won’t because she’s conservative – earn her a Pulitzer Prize.

She’s been assaulted numerous times by Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists they’ve even tried to steal her phone. During one instance she was assaulted and needed to be rescued by police however, without her reporting many of us would never know what’s really going on during these demonstrations. Here is not great footage she covered while covering the protest happening in New York City.

Most recently she was told by a protester not to film “disagreements between protesters, as she said it is “really harmful” to the cause. I was allowed to film police violence, she said.

However, by morning NYPD came in and tore down all the barricades.