Epstein Case Takes Another Big Twist, Federal Prosecutors Invoke Treaty Clause To Take Case International

Federal prosecutors are not ready to close the case on the Jeffrey Epstein just yet and are taking the things international, they want to talk to Prince Andrew.

Earlier this year, Prince Andrew refused to cooperate with federal prosecutors in New York and now the Justice Department invoked the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty with the UK to question Prince Andrew.

A woman is accusing Andrew, a good friend of Epstein, of sexual abuse when she was 17.

Epstein, a disgusting financier died in federal custody and was under investigation for allegedly trafficking underage girls.

US Attorney Geoffrey Berman told reporters that his office is “considering its options” to force Andrew to cooperate with the Epstein investigation.

Berman said that Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth, had “completely shut the door” on voluntary testimony in the investigation.

“He publicly offered, indeed in a press release, offered to cooperate with law enforcement investigating the crimes committed by Jeffrey Epstein and his co-conspirators,” Berman said.

“Contrary to Prince Andrew’s very public offer to cooperate with our investigation into Epstein’s co-conspirators, an offer that was conveyed via press release, Prince Andrew has now completely shut the door on voluntary cooperation,” he added at the time.

Virginia Giuffre, who has been one of the most outspoken victims in the Jeffery Epstein case has kept the pressure on Prince Andrew. Giuffre has alleged that she had sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17 at the instruction of Ghislaine Maxwell, a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein.

The Guardian reports:

Maxwell told her “that I have to do for Andrew what I do for Jeffrey, and that just made me sick”. She alleges that later that evening, she had sex with Andrew at Maxwell’s house in Belgravia.

She said the alleged sexual encounter started in a bath, but “it didn’t last very long, the whole entire procedure. It was disgusting. He wasn’t mean or anything. But he got up and he said ‘thanks’ and walked out, and I sat there in bed just horrified and ashamed and felt dirty.” The next day, she claimed, Maxwell told her she had done “a really good job”.

Giuffre said it was a “wicked” and “scary” time in her life. “I had just been abused by a member of the royal family.”

She said: “I just didn’t expect it from royalty. I didn’t expect it from someone that people look up to and admire in the royal family … I couldn’t comprehend how the highest levels of the government, powerful people, were allowing this to happen, not only allowing it to happen but participating in it.”

In an interview last year when Prince Andrew was questioned about these allegations he flopped like a fish. The fallout of the interview was so bad that it forced him to retire from public life.

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