Exposed! LA Mayor Has Ties To Activist Group Celebrating Ambushed Deputies (VIDEO)

A Black Lives Matter activists that celebrated LA sheriff’s deputies being shot has ties to the mayor’s office.

Kevin Wharton Price who is a “cultural competency” consultant worked for LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Price said the shootings of deputies was a “good start.” He believes the shootings should be celebrated. “We’re supposed to celebrate today, because an oppressor has been slain,” Price said.

“If this is the start of retribution, then I think this is a very good start,” he said about the ambush.

Claudia Apolinar, mother, 31, was sitting with her partner in their patrol car when a suspect approaches their vehicle and opened fire.

Both officers were rushed to the hospital that was surrounded by activists attempting to break into the hospital. When that failed they blocked the entrances.

Apolinar is in critical condition and her 24-year-old partner is in serious condition however, both are expected to survive.

Wharton Price is part of an activist group that has met with Mayor Garcetti often over race relations.

The suspect in the shooting remains at large.

On MSNBC Rev. Al Sharpton tried to plant the seed that the shooting is a right-wing setup.


Jose Ometeotl, the city manager of Lynwood, California also seemed to enjoy the shooting.

Lynwood city council did not denounce the manager’s comments only said that his view was his personal opinion and not the city’s official position.