Facebook Changes Algorithm That Will Wipe Out Alternative Conservative Media & Prop Up The Mainstream Media

Ever since the election of President Donald Trump news media CEO’s have been trying to kill the independent media, specifically on Facebook.

Facebook announced on Tuesday that they are updating the way new stories will be valued and displayed on their network. The goal is to kill independent media and wipe out alternative conservative media outlets.

The social media giant says that they will use artificial intelligence to promote original stories on a particular story topic and similarly identify posts that use those original stories as a source.

Facebook has been having conversations with publishing executives (mainstream media companies) to help define “original reporting” so it can teach their algorithm to boost original stories and devalue people sharing their thoughts and opinions on a piece.

This is a direct attack on the independent media and similar to the attack on President Trump and his supporters.

During the 2016 election the President’s campaign masterfully used social media to help secure the presidency now, social media companies are trying to stop him.

Axios is reporting that three other tech companies have censored Trump supporters:

As of yesterday, nearly every major social media platform has taken action against Trump or far-right channels that support him.

  • Reddit joined a growing list of major tech companies that said it would take action against users and groups that violated its hate speech rules, including the controversial subreddit channel r/The_Donald. (Go deeper.)

  • Twitch, the live-streaming platform owned by Amazon, temporarily banned Trump’s channel for hateful content.

  • YouTube later Monday said it had banned several prominent white supremacist channels, per The Verge.

Conservatives are flocking to a social media free speech app Parler and have made it the number most downloaded app on the Apple store. In the past conservatives flocking to alternative sites has failed however, this time it is different. Leading the charge are leaders in the conservative movement and leaders in the Republican Party.