Federal Court Just Unsealed Devastating X-Rated Evidence Against Ghislaine Maxwell

A federal judge ordered that secret Ghislaine Maxwell documents be unsealed from a 2016 deposition. The documents revealed devastating x-rated evidence against Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell had a “hobby” of photographing topless girls. She “had an album full of photographs of people, young girls, girls,” said Epstein’s former butler, Juan Alessi according to an unsealed 2016 deposition.

“And I remember that she had. Like a hobby … It was some girls were topless, taking the sun,” he said while insisting they did not show “any vaginal or things.”

The butler also disclosed that he was given access to cash to pay “probably over 100” girls to massage Epstein and Maxwell. He described that he would find sex toys in the room, that he would wash off.

“I would find things like a dildo, it’s called a double,” Alessi said about his time working at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion from 1990 to 2002.

“But I find these things, put my gloves on, took it out and rinse it, and put it in Ms. Maxwell’s closet,” he reportedly said.

The Butler also claimed that he saw a “shiny black costume” in Maxwell’s closet that he thought was used for sex.

Alessi claimed that he knew the sex toys were Maxwell’s because at part of his job he knew where “everything was in that house.”

One of those toys was found in the trash by police. It was identified as a “Jelly A**| Wand, per a report from a Palm Beach officer who wrote, “this device is commonly used as a sexual toy.”

The testimony from Alessi’s came during a 2015 defamation lawsuit against Maxwell initiated by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Giuffre sued Maxwell after she accused Giuffre of lying after she came forward that she was trafficked and abused.

In 2017, the was settled for an undisclosed amount however now those documents have been ordered to be unsealed. More damaging evidence is sure to follow.

The New York Post