Gun Touting 32 Year Old Mother & Small Business Owner Beats Rhino Republican In Primary…Drain The Swamp!

Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) a five-term congressman lost his primary to small business owner and mother Lauren Boebert, who owns the Shooters Grill in Colorado.

You may remember her when she – not Tipton – stood up to Beto O’Rouke when he was campaigning on gun control.

Boebert is a 32-year-old small business owner, of the Shooters Grill whose serving staff open carry’s their firearms. She recently lost her restaurant license when she defied her states stay at home order and began in-restaurant dining in May.

The small business owner was not endorsed by President Trump and the media was quick to criticize the President saying his endorsement no longer means anything however, something deeper is going on.

For example, conservative outsider Bob Good unseated Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) in June despite Riggleman having the backing of the House Freedom Caucus. Good focused on limited legal immigration because of the pandemic.

“As Americans are trying to get back to work, they have to compete with hundreds of thousands of foreign workers who will take lower wages and take our jobs,” Good told Breitbart News in May.

Lastly, conservative millennial Madison Cawthorn defeated Lynda Bennet, – not endorsed by Trump – who was also endorsed by the House Freedom Fund and the American Conservative Union. However, in 2016 Bennett came out and said that she was a “never Trump person.”

Americans like Boebert, Good, and Cawthorn way was paved by President Trump and are actually more Trump supporters than the people they beat who was not worthy of Trump’s endorsement. Conservatives are starting to wonder just who is advising which candidate the President should give his endorsement to. It could be that President Trump is being loyal to the incumbents because they fought for him during impeachment. Maybe when the President gave his endorsement he had his fingers crossed behind his back (which I suspect).

One thing is for sure, people like Boebert will be more of a help to President Trump than Tipton who didn’t even list immigration as an issue on his website.  Before the primary election on Tuesday Boebert wrote, “America didn’t just happen. Our founders fought hard to create this incredible country. We’re not going to let it fall to socialists!”

All three mentioned candidates are expected to win in November. President Trump congratulated Boebert on her big win.


Breitbart News