If You Wonder Why California Is So Messed Up Look No Further Than These People, It Explains Everything

California is a liberal mess and people are fleeing the state in droves. People are fed up with the lockdowns, poop in the streets, the spike in crime, the riots, blackouts, and forest mismanagement.

If you ever wonder why policies in California are so crazy look no further than the people that influence and drive these policies. For example, Ann O’Leary, Governor Newsome’s chief of staff.

Ann wrote, “I am a 49 year old woman who has played within the lines of the political fights presented – working quietly to make change behind the scenes – trying to do all I could to build on the benefits provided to me because of fights that RBG engaged in.”

“From the moment RBG passed, my phone lit up with texts like the one from my retired school teacher neighbor, “RBG died. What are we going to do?” Or my best childhood friend, “Tell me what do do” or my many, many women lawyer friends essentially saying we WILL fight,” she added.

“While I am not radical, I ready to fly to DC in the middle of COVID19 and lay my body on the floor of the United States Senate to prevent a vote from occurring before the next term of Congress,” concluded O’Leary.

It’s sad when you think that these people put so much faith in government.

These words by former President Ronald Reagan carry the same weight now as they did when he said them.

“Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Here’s a stat you won’t hear from the media, the USA’s excess mortality is back to 0% for the first time since January. Yes, the coronavirus is still out there but modern medicine is learning how to treat the virus; without the vaccine.

The only things standing in our way is Democrat governors keeping unemployment high, punishing restaurants, and small business to harm this country.

The government needs to get out of the way and let the American people take care of business. We are smart enough to deal with a pandemic and we are smart enough to get this economy back to where it was in December.