It Was An American Grocery Store Staple, Thanks To Joe It’s Now A Luxury Item

It used to grab eggs, bread, and milk. But now eggs and butter are luxury items.

Grocery store prices are up 13% thanks to Bidenflation, and eggs prices have risen 50%.

The big talking point Dems are throwing to rescue Biden is that it was the 2021 bird flu that killed off the chickens so it’s not Biden’s fault.

But below, I give you a 2022 report from Politico about inflation titled, “Biden’s never-ending inflation nightmare”:

Inflation isn’t over yet — especially at the grocery store.
A big part of that trend is the price of food, which went up over the past month, according to the report. The cost of meat, eggs and other edible items at the grocery store has been a big driver of the historic inflation and rose by 11 percent in the last year, surpassed only by increases in energy expenditures.

The numbers underscore how little control the White House has despite its vows to bring inflation under control. Beyond the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, the administration’s efforts to push legislation to clear shipping backlogs or vowing to bust up corporate monopolies, will have little short-term effect, experts say.

The administration’s lack of control over inflation extends to the food price crunch Americans are now feeling.

There wasn’t one word in the report about the bird flu.

Yes, the avian flu epidemic is affecting egg prices but notice we are actually in the middle of a crisis, and Joe Biden is silent. It’s not like this just happened, it’s been going on for a year, and everybody and their mother – except for Joe – saw it coming.

Forecasters are saying not to expect egg prices to come down anytime soon because chickens are still dying.

Meanwhile, we get silence from Biden, who finally got around to visiting the southern border he ruined.



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