It’s A Family Affair: 2009 Biden Hire Wreaks Of Corruption That Crippled America

In 2009 then-Vice President Joe Biden hired his 26-year-old niece, Casey Owens to coordinate the Obama Administration’s China policy. Before working for the Obama Administration she was employed at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. From 2009 to 2011 she advised former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on “coordinat[ing] the priorities within the agenda for the Dialogue” and “spearhead[ing] the negotiations of proposals.”

The National Pulse reports:

An unearthed cable reveals Owens was part of the elite Strategic and Economic Dialogue II planning trip to Beijing as part of the Economic Track delegation alongside State and Treasury Executive and Senior officials. Despite being out of the administration for five years, she attended the Obama administration’s final state dinner.

Her proximity to American and Chinese officials casts the rest of the family’s China-based business dealings, chiefly those of Hunter Biden, in an interesting and, perhaps, suspicious light.

Hunter, along with other Obama officials’ offspring, notoriously ran investment firms that inked billion-dollar contracts with Chinese companies, including state-owned enterprises.

Owen’s time in the Obama administration gives more credence to the suspicions that Biden’s family profited off China while Vice President. For example, in 2013 Vice President Biden and his son Hunter traveled on Air Force Two to China. Just twelve days later Hunter was the recipient of a $1 billion contract with a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) run Bank of China.

This and many other instances should be an alarm bell should Biden win in November. His family has made millions in China meanwhile, American workers suffered.

Joe Biden can talk about the “light” and fighting “darkness” all he wants. During his time in office, he has destroyed American jobs.


What a bunch of garbage!

National Pulse | New York Post