Jesse Watters Destroys Juan Williams Pro MSM Stance With Facts

It used to be that The Free Press was the voice of the people. Journalists would unveil corruption and inform the public. The Media still does some of that, but it has become clear that Bias influences most of the news. Last Thursday The MSM thought it would be wise to come together to bash Trump in Opinion Articles. 300 articles were written proving a bias. Juan Williams on The Five believed this was what the media should be doing, and found that he was alone in his view as Jesse Watters educated him.

“The legitimate purpose of the press is to be an adversary to people in power and hold them accountable,” Williams said, arguing that reporters have a responsibility to call out “a guy who lies and lies.”

He went on to say that when Trump claims that there is fake news he is somehow encouraging violence against the press.

But Williams whole spiel was crushed when Watters was given his turn to set the record straight.

“They never had an adversarial position against Barack Obama. They loved Barack Obama. Obama joked about it at The White House correspondents dinner “oh you guys are my base” and everyone laughed and was drinking champagne. Stop pretending that they were tough on Obama. They weren’t.

They’d have a lot more credibility if every administration that came around, they were this adversarial,” Jesse Watters said. “Donald Trump has exposed them as dishonest Democrat Party hacks. The media right now are extensions of the Democratic Party.

They give him no credit for anything good he does and deny him all credit for anything he does. Everything is framed as something he does as evil, is wrong, as backwards and he is not given a fair shake so when he says you guys are the enemy of the people. what he is saying is that you guys are denying the truth to the American people you are feeding them spin you are feeding them dishonest propaganda to help the democratic party and you are not shooting straight.

…they get so upset is because their credibility rests upon the fact that they pretend to be independent and when he says you are not independent and you are lying about that they can’t handle it they can dish it out but they can’t take it.”

Williams responded by claiming that Trump was an egomaniac.

The only thing the king wants is somebody who will adore him, who will honor him, who will say, ‘Donald Trump’s the greatest ever,’” he said.

They continued to go back and forth but Watters had clearly won the argument.

Watch The Video Below.

It’s crazy that Juan Williams would think that Obama somehow had a tough time. The MSM was all over him. They couldn’t get enough Obama. There were even pictures floating around the internet that tried to say that highlighted the friendship of Biden and Obama. He was clearly beloved by the Media. Williams like most Liberals just can’t handle any opposition to his Trump hating belief.