Joe Biden Warps The Constitution Claim The American People Only Get ‘One Chance’ Over SCOTUS Nominee

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden warped the constitution during an interview with Steve Harvey on his FM radio show.

Biden claimed that President Trump replacing the RBG seat is a “fundamental violation of constitutional principles.”

“The Constitution says [Election Day] is the one chance the American people have to make an impact on who they want choosing the next nominee,” Biden said.

The President has said that he will announce his pick on Saturday. There are two front runners and The Left is already going after one of them. Pro-life Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a catholic and the media is licking their chops.

The media hasn’t started to attack Judge Barbara Lagoa (who is also a front runner) because she is a female, hispanic, from Florida. Biden is struggling with support from the hispanic community and even a Washington Post/ABC poll shows he is taking a drubbing in Florida.

If Trump picks Lagoa and the Left attacks her it would do serious damage to Biden.

I would also like to point out one of the lies the Rhino Republicans from Bush  and the McCain type Republicans. They told to us about Hispanics won’t support the party if we are tough on border security and immigration. It was all a lie.

President Trump was tough on immigration and border security. As a result, President Trump is getting more support from the Hispanic community than any other Repubican presidential candidate.