Just What Is Putin’s Game Plan While He Brags About Nuclear Weapons? [Video]

Experts Say Putin Is All Talk And Explain Why.

According to Lt. Col. Daniel Davis the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is putting on a ‘show’ for the camera. Much like the North Korean dictator, Putin needs the world to believe he is ‘on par’ with America in terms of nuclear munition.

That is not to say that Putin couldn’t do some damage to the United States. When asked if Putin would dare to ‘push the nuclear button’, Lt. Col. Davis says:

“No, he absolutely would not because he knows the second he ever does that- that’s the destruction of Moscow and the end of his regime”

Lt. Col. Davis still urges that matters be handled diplomatically to avoid nuclear war but assures the public that Russia couldn’t stand up to the U.S. If this is true it does explain why Putin has backed down in the past when he was called on his bluff.

As Originally Reported By  with USA Today:

Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted this week about new nuclear missiles that he said cannot be intercepted, but none poses an unprecedented threat to the United States.

A few details aside, both Russia and the United States have had the same capability to rain nuclear death on each other since the 1970s, said Hans Binnendijk, a former White House defense adviser under President Clinton.

“We could do the same thing, and Russians have had that for years,” Binnendijk told USA TODAY.

Putin, who seeks his fourth term as president in an election March 18, drew applause Thursday during a swaggering annual speech to the Federal Assembly in Moscow.

The systems included a heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM, with multiple warheads that Putin said would be immune to anti-missile defenses. He described a low-flying cruise missile under development with a novel engine that would enable the missile to attack any target around the world from any direction.

Putin highlighted work on a nuclear-powered underwater drone armed with a nuclear warhead.

“As you may have guessed, no other country in the world has anything like that. Possibly, something similar will appear someday, but our guys will come up with something else”…

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