Kavanaugh Schools Jr Senator Kamala Harris On The Constitution

The Democrats are doing everything in their power to try and make Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh slip up. They are asking vague questions in hopes of discrediting him and making him seem less honest. Kavanaugh is a huge target for the Liberals. As they think that he is the “evil” man that will stop them from being able to abort children at will.

Junior Californian Senator Kamala Harris is clearly one of these Liberals that fear that Kavanaugh may help to overturn Roe v Wade. You can see it in how she interacts with Kavanaugh.


“I’m going to ask you about unenumerated rights. You gave a speech praising former Justice Rehnquist’s dissent in Rhodes, there’s been much discussion about that, and you wrote, quote, celebrating his success, that ‘success in stemming the general tide of free-wheeling judicial creation of unenumerated rights,’ that is what you said in celebration of Justice Rehnquist.

So ‘unenumerated rights.’ is a phrase that lawyers use, but I want to make clear what we’re talking about. It means rights that are protected by the Constitution even if they’re not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. They are not in that book that you carry.”

What we are talking about is the right to vote, that’s an unenumerated right, the right to have children. The right to have control over the upbringing of your children. The right to refuse medical care. The right to love the partner of your choice, the right to marry, and the right to have an abortion.

Now, putting those unenumerated rights in the context of the statement that you made, which was to praise the stemming of the general tide of free-wheeling creation of unenumerated rights, which means you were, the interpretation there is you were praising the quest to end those unenumerated rights. My question to you is which of the rights that I just mentioned do you want to an end to or rollback?”


“Three points I believe, senator, first the constitution, it is in the book that I carry. The constitution protects unenumerated rights. That’s what the Supreme Court has said.”

That is how you answer a question. He discredited her knowledge base with a sentence. Almost a who are you to question me about being the next Supreme Court Justice when you don’t know The Consitution?