Major Backlash: Looks Like Someone Should Have Told Nike “Don’t Do It.”

Nike has caused a big upset with their latest move. They decided to hire Colin Kaepernick for a new ad campaign that has Sports fans, Patriots, and Police upset.

Pretty much want to burn my shoes,” one current NFL employee told Fox News.

The NFL Officially decided to double down and support the Kaepernick ad.

The National Football League believes in dialogue, understanding and unity. We embrace the role and responsibility of everyone involved with this game to promote meaningful, positive change in our communities,” NFL Executive Vice President Jocelyn Moore said in a statement. “The social justice issues that Colin and other professional athletes have raised deserve our attention and action.”

Once again the NFL proved to be weak on Kaepernick. But that didn’t stop the public from expressing how they felt. Nike’s stock took about a 3% plunge on Tuesday and James Woods had one of the best tweets in response.

And he was not alone as the Police were also offended that Nike had chosen to hire the same man that was protesting the police and had worn pig socks.

The inclusion of Mr. Kaepernick in Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ ad campaign also perpetuates the falsehood that police are racist and aiming to use force against African-Americans and persons of color,” NAPO (The National Association Of Police Organizations) President Michael McHale”

Tyler Merritt is the CEO of Nine Line Apparel, which bills itself as a “patriotic lifestyle brand” that is owned and operated by veterans. Merritt — himself is a former Apache helicopter pilot and Special Operations air mission commander – thinks it’s absurd for Nike to make waves when football season is about to start.

“Kaepernick has also led to a mass exodus of viewership from the NFL, as fans like myself do not want to see politics injected into sports,” he said. “It is ludicrous for Nike, a partner of the NFL, to support a man that has actively sought to bring down the league.”

Tucker also weighed in on the Nike-Kaepernick deal.

This is an attack on the country,” he continued. “It would be very different if he were saying ‘I’m protesting this politician or this policy or this specific person for doing this specific thing’ — but no. Sitting during the national anthem is a way of making a broad-based, generalized and therefore impossible-to-rebut attack against the country that made him and Nike rich.”

Is this what Nike had in mind, to alienate half of the country? How can they be this unaware of the consequences?

Ben Shapiro claims that this is a marketing ploy and that Nike is just targeting Black Americans, as they are sympathetic to the Kaepernick cause. He also claims that this is free publicity, which would cost Nike millions to get without the controversy.

But it seems like Nike is going to pay for it, as their stock price has dropped and they have lost plenty of consumers. All for free publicity? Or is it that they don’t care about Patriotism and all that the flag stands for?