Mayor Can Kiss VP Hopes Goodbye: Attorney For Fired Atlanta Cops Shakes The Mayor’s Office With Lawsuit Claim

The attorney for two Atlanta police officers has shaken the mayor’s office with a lawsuit and it will more than likely kill the hopes of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms to be Joe Biden running mate.

Two police officers were fired for excessive force, the footage released to the public show investigators Mark Gardner and Ivory Streeter – both African American – pulling two college students out of the car and tasing them. Attorney Lance LoRusso said that the video released has been “edited multiple times.”

“What has been edited out is the probable cause for the arrest,” Lance LoRusso said.

“The officers told the driver to move his vehicle … he refused,” the lawyer added. “They open the door and he drives away violently, almost pulling one of the officers off their feet.”

The officers are also saying they were fired in violation of the city’s code, they were not investigated and did not receive a pre-disciplinary hearing. The mayor has messed with the wrong police officers, both men are very well trained.

“Nobody ever interviewed my clients, who have a total of close to 40 years of law enforcement experience,” LoRusso said. “One of them was a task force agent with the FBI for 10 years, one of them was a task force agent with the GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] … maybe after all this training they know what they’re doing and maybe you should ask them why.”

LoRusso believes that the only reason why these two men were fired was that Bottoms’ is being vetted to be former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate. But, after this lawsuit Bottoms’ might as well just kiss her chances goodbye. When the full video is released showing the driver attempting to run over police officers she will be a liability.

Biden has hilariously backed himself into a corner. To pander for votes he promised to make a woman his running mate, now he is under heavy pressure for his running mate to be an African American woman, he’s just having trouble finding one that can be properly vetted. But, if Biden doesn’t nominate an African American woman there will be hell to pay from his base.

Fox News