Look Who’s Back! Michelle Obama Hits The Campaign Trail, Will Host Rally In Key Battleground State

This is very interesting, Michelle Obama is hitting the campaign trail this week in the hotly contested battleground state, Michigan.

Obama is hitting the campaign trail but, will not be supporting any of the Democrat primary candidates. Michelle co-chairs the organization “When We All Vote,” and will have a rally on March 27th.

Tickets are free but the even is not open to the general public.

Fox 17 in Detroit reports:

It’s open to the organization’s volunteers and partners, as well as educators, college students and high school students who are eligible to vote.

Obama and others launched When We All Vote in 2018 to boost voting.

At previous events, Obama told people that she didn’t care who they voted for as long as they participated.

Michelle enters the picture as the Democrat Party goes to war with itself, the establishment wants Biden and progressives support Bernie. How fitting would it be is Michelle Obama rode in on a white horse during the Democrat Convention and became the nominee.

Rush Limbaugh and Steve Bannon have both warned that Michelle Obama could enter the race.

On Tuesday a caller even suggested that President Trump should start running against Michelle Obama.

Below is a partial transcript:

RUSH: This is Charles in Boca Raton. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

The caller said that the Democrats will do something to make Bernie go away like buy him another house or plane. Then he got to the meat of his question.

Caller: They’re gonna buy Bernie some more homes, maybe his own jet, whatever it takes to have them step aside, including Biden, “Biden, you just gotta get out.” What they’re gonna do is they’re gonna nominate — listen to me — Michelle Obama. She knows world leaders. She’s got Barack’s back — or Barack’s got her back. She’s gonna get the black vote, the gay vote, the women’s vote, the whole megillah. Trump has to get in front of this. And at every convention or every rally, be prescient and say, “Okay. Here’s what’s gonna happen, guys. We know nobody can beat me, nobody, zero, except one person.”

RUSH: Now, wait just a minute. Trump is not gonna admit that there’s anybody that can beat him, particularly Michelle Obama.

CALLER: I misspoke. I misspoke. What I’m saying is he’s gonna have to get out in front and say their only salvation is to nominate somebody they think can beat me, but she can’t. Here’s why. They’re gonna have to unload all the baggage of the Obamas, of the Bidens, the whole megillah. Because if they surprise everybody at the convention, he won’t have enough time to be able to really get in front of it. If he starts the process of alerting people to what’s gonna happen, because, Rush, think about it.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. Now, wait a minute. Look. This is not a surprise. People have been thinking that Michelle Obama’s gonna be the nominee since Obama and Michelle left the White House in January 2017. It would not be a shock or surprise to anybody. Trump doesn’t need to tell any of his people to be ready. You are afraid that it’s gonna be Michelle Obama, and you’re afraid that she can win, so you want Trump to do something to stop her now. That’s what you want.

And you want it disguised as Trump alerting his voters. What good would alerting his voters do? “By the way, there’s one Democrat that they might put up there, and you gotta be ready for it.” I’m telling you, every Trump voter’s gonna vote against whoever the Democrats nominate no matter who it is, including if it is Michelle Obama. I understand the fear. I understand the fear people have about Michelle Obama ’cause the Democrat Party is in such disarray. And Republicans have always had this belief that no matter at what point of time in history, the Democrats have somebody they can bring out of the woodwork that can shellac any of us, even our best.

This happens to be Michelle Obama right now. At one time it was The Oprah. At one time it was Hillary Clinton. I can’t tell you the number of elections where I had to deal with paranoid Republicans tell me, “Hillary Clinton has a 75 to 80% chance of being the next president of the United States. We better do something about it.” She hasn’t gotten close. Well, I mean, she got close ’cause she ran and so forth. There’s nothing they could do that’s gonna surprise Trump or for which Trump is not ready and prepared.

Bannon warned back in August of 2019 that Michelle may get into the race. During an appearance on Fox News Bannon said: 

I said this last week, Maria, I don’t see anybody on that stage right now that can take President Trump one on one. I pride myself, he’s called me his star pupil, his top pupil, I’ve been studying this thoroughly and I don’t care what the polls say on Biden. Joe Biden is not going to be able to stand up to Donald Trump. If the Democratic Party thinks that Joe Biden is going to be able to go one-on-one with Donald Trump in the general election campaign they’ve got another thing coming. He will run the tables on Biden. I don’t believe, and I say this, I’m not so sure that his opponent has even declared yet.

I think you got to watch guys like Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, a whole raft of potential that they should look at very closely. Because the Democrats’ number one focus is to defeat Donald Trump, so I’m not so sure there’s a candidate up there right now, certainly, nobody on that stage takes on Trump one on one.

Bloomberg did jump in and after spending $500 million he’s decided to get out of the race and get behind Joe Biden.

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