Miss Swimsuit UK Has Been ‘ERASED’ After Comments About George Floyd Protests

Miss Swimsuit UK has been erased after she posted on Facebook that “ALL lives matter.”

Jasmine Archer-jones, 23, won Miss Swimsuit UK in 2019 however, she’s been erased from the Miss Swimsuit UK’s website, some say it is to punish her for “wrongthink.”

In the now-deleted Facebook post Archer-Jones has deleted she wrote:

This is ridiculous now. It HAS to STOP.

ALL lives matter, if you look deeply into statistics, more UNARMED WHITE people DIED than BLACK last year. 19-9.

Think about that.

Yes what happened to George Floyd was wrong and unforgivable but so is what happens to many other people of different races in similar situations. Yet they don’t get to protest, loot, take over social media, create a day for their race or even raise $10.3 million in aid of the person who passed. The majority of crime and deaths regarding black people is caused by black on black crime that happens in America.

Innocent people are dying because of the riots proven by this article, innocent business are also suffering, what for?!


Miss Swimsuit UK, has come out and publicly supported Black Lives Matter and claims to look for the “beauty stars of tomorrow” and discover “glamorous, accessible role models.”

Shortly after winning the title, Archer-Jones moved to Texas. Her boyfriend, Todd Markey has also triggered liberals when he posted a meme that said: “White guilt is real, white privilege is a leftist lie. Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

The organization also ordered her to remove the link on her Instagram page showing she is the current winner of Miss Swimsuit UK.

The Sun reported:

“Miss Swimsuit UK quickly de-crowned the fitness queen, deleting all traces of Miss Archer-Jones from their website.

A source told The Sun that Jasmine had ‘tried to sweep it [the post] under the carpet.

The source added that Miss Swimsuit UK quickly disassociated with Miss Archer-Jones as they support the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Explaining the importance of Miss Swimsuit UK contestants as role models the four-year-old competition states on its website: ‘The aim of Miss Swimsuit UK is to shape the beauty stars of tomorrow, meeting the demand among today’s social media generation for glamorous, accessible role models that they can aspire to and emulate.”

And let that be a lesson to all of you, any thought outside of what the “mob” dictates and you will be erased.

The Daily Mail | The Sun


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