New Poll About The Supreme Court Is Devastating News For Democrats…This Is Why Dems Are Freaking Out

You’ll notice you didn’t hear anyone in the driveway media mention this poll.

Not knowing that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was in such a serious condition a poll was conducted by Marquette University shortly before she passed away.

Overwhelmingly, the results showed that 67% of adults believed the Senate should hold a hearing if a vacancy happened during the 2020 presidential election.

This is why Democrats are freaking out.

The Washington Examiner reported on the poll results:

Marquette University released the survey results on Saturday that showed 67% of adults believed the Senate should hold a hearing if a vacancy occurred during 2020’s race, with only 32% opposition — and similar strong numbers across Republicans, Democrats, and independents, who supported holding confirmation hearings at 68-31%, 63-37%, and 71-28% respectively. The poll was completed three days before the death of Ginsburg, the 87-year-old liberal icon who was nominated by President Bill Clinton and confirmed in 1993. Ginsburg earned praise from Democrats and Republicans upon news of her death.

Since Ginsburg’s death, Democrats and the media are claiming that Republicans are being hypocrites because they pressured Democrats not to nominate Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in 2016 after the death of Justice Scalia.

However, that was before Brett Kavanaugh as Senator Lindsey Graham explains.


Graham also posted an old video doubling down that he will urge the President to fill any vacancy. It’s payback time!

Graham who is up for re-election this year has been trailing in the polls however, this issue could help him win.

Washington Examiner