New Poll Spells DOOM For The Now Woke NFL Season

The first game of the 2020 regular season starts on Thursday night when the Chiefs play the Texans and there’s a good chance people won’t be watching.

Editor in Chief at the Daily Caller, David Hookstead took a poll and found that 87% of the people that responded to him said they aren’t watching the NFL is players kneel.

American’s don’t like it when sports turn into politics, most American’s watch sports to tune out and relax. Just ask the NBA who has experienced record low ratings during a time when a good portion of the country is still under a lockdown. Ratings should be through the roof, instead, they have bottomed out.

Football is not about racial disparities it’s about touchdowns, defense, and winning. Most of the players in the NFL are minorities and they are all well to do. The NFL minimum salary for players with less than one year experience is $610,000 a season and that will rise to $1.065 million by 2030. Squad practice players (most will never see game day) earn $142,800 over the 17 week season.

The last things American’s want to see is NFL players complain about how tough their life is when the people watching at home haven’t worked in over 6 months and can’t pay their rent. People are going to watch these players champion a group that has taken part in burning down small businesses.

Players are going to kneel, even Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones had to soften his stance on players kneeling because of the backlash he received.

Towards the end of the video, Ryan Clark claims that America is on the side of the players. They have no idea just how big of a ratings hit they are going to take. Support for Black Lives Matter is lower than it’s ever been due to the unrest going on across American cities.

Look, I say let the chips fall where they may. People are not going to watch sports if they continue to turn into a political circus. As people continue to tune out the NFL is going to be less profitable and eventually, salaries are going to drop.

If rich well to do players want to air their grievances out the field than so be it, that’s their choice and the NFL is going to let them. But we also have a choice too.

Daily Caller