NFL Takes A Knee In The Ratings

The NFL Is Getting Hit Hard In The Wallet.

Finally, the NFL is getting punished for their unpatriotic attitude. The NFL has been a thorn in the side for many Americans with the sole intention of watching some football. As we all know by this point Kaepernick started this nonsense a while back with the whole take a knee thing during the anthem disrespecting the flag and our country. For reasons only known to Godell, nothing has been done to stop the protests.

Trump and Pence have spoken out against the protests numerous times and almost everyone has told the NFL to shape up or they will be boycotted. Now we are seeing the results of the fan protest and the NFL is definitely feeling it. According to the NFL, they are in a steep decline as they have reported a One Million viewer loss for the eleventh week.

It’s sad that it had to get this far after all the only thing the players had to do is stand for the national anthem something they should all be willing to do as Americans anyway. The fact that this is still an issue is ridiculous.




As Reported By Richard Morgan, NY Post

Only two games had audience gains.

The NBC “SNF” during which the Philadelphia Eagles whopped the Dallas Cowboys 37 to 9 managed to attract 12 percent more viewers than the comparable contest a year ago.

Fox’s single header on Sunday, which saw the New Orleans Saints sneak past the Washington Redskins 34 to 31, drew 10 percent more viewers.

After starting 11.8 percent behind last year’s TV audience for NFL games in Week 1, league viewership had either held its own or narrowed the gap through Week 8.

The 6.3 percent shortfall in Week 11 reflects an average viewership of 14.9 million for the NFL’s 68 national telecasts this year versus 15.9 million for the season-to-date in 2016.