NYC: BLM ‘Protests’ Ok, Live 9/11 Tribute Cancelled

New York City is going to cancel a live tribute remembering victims that died on 9/11 due to social distancing guidelines as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum announced in a letter to survivors of those that perished on 9/11 that instead of reading the names of the 9/11 victims, a recording would be used instead “out of an abundance of caution and in line with the guidance regarding social distancing,” the AP reported.

Relatives are being asked to gather at memorial plaza in lower Manhattan instead of being on stage together to comply with restrictions. Six moments of silence will still be observed, in remembrance of the World Trade Center falling and United Airlines Flight 93 crashing in Pennsylvania; in total, almost 3,000 people died in the attack.

Spectrum NY 1 reported:

Patricia Reilly lost her sister Lorraine Lee in the attacks. She tells NY1, “I think those messages of love — you just see the different generations in the last few years you see, do you know  grandkids that like never or children who really never knew their parents. And they’re still getting up and speaking of love and remembrance, so yeah it’ll be a little less  impactful but still meaningful and I think under the circumstances it’s the best that they can do.”

Jim McCaffrey — whose brother-in-law, FDNY Battalion Chief Orio Palmer, was killed in the South Tower collapse, is grateful for any ceremony at all.

“If they didn’t have it this year it would give them maybe license to never have it again, which I think would be a terrible thing.  So the fact that they’re doing it, I applaud them,” he said.

Reilly says she, too, is heartened that the Memorial is recognizing the importance of the ceremony to the families — and says pausing for 9/11 should be a reminder to the country during these trying times.

“For that period of time after 911 when we all came together, everybody in the country really came together, I think we could use that today again,” she said.

New York City has moved to phase 4 of re-opening but the city has been rocked by riots and protests. After a pro-police rally was crashed by far-left activists you have to wonder is officials are worried they may crash the 9/11 memorial.

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