Unhinged: Obama Official & Disgraced Dem Attack On Melania Trump Walk A Fine Line Between An Actual Threat & Political Attack

On Monday, it was reported that the First Lady Melania Trump would be revamping the White House Rose Garden.

Unhinged leftists including former disgraced congresswoman Katie Hill – who resigned because of a crazy sex scandal – compared her Marie Antoinette, the French queen who was beheaded during the French Revolution. Antoinette was beheaded after allegedly saying, “Let them eat cake” when the people of Paris ran out of bread.

As violent mobs have attacking US cities have compared themselves to the French Revolution, in Seattle a group of protestors put a guillotine up outside Jeff Bezos home.

After the news broke former disgraced Rep. Katie Hill wrote, “That’s some Marie Antoinette s**t right there.”

Former Obama official Brandon Friedman also compared the First Lady to Marie Antoinette.

“Real Marie Antoinette energy from the WH today,” Friedman tweeted.

Eugene Gu, a former physician the sued President Trump after he blocked him on Twitter fanned the flames of hatred against the First Lady.

“In the middle of the worst pandemic in modern history, with soaring unemployment, Marie Antoinette bravely tells the suffering peasants, ‘I’ll remodel the Rose Garden, which only my family and friends can enjoy, so that you stupid f*cks can be inspired behind walls of tear gas!’” he tweeted.

Dan Rather jumped in as well.

“Getting a real ‘let them eat cake’ vibe going on here,” Dan Rather wrote

Recently the left has tried to compare it’s “peaceful protests” to the French Revolution that as quickly turned into what is called by historians a Reign of Terror (September 1793 – July 1794). During the Reign of Terror, leaders tried to wipe out the catholic church murdering hundreds of priests, changed how many days were in a week, and started a new religion, called the Cult of the Supreme Being. The period ended when Napoleon Bonaparte made himself emperor and after his defeat at Waterloo, France went back to a monarch.

Could you imagine if prominent conservatives compared Michelle Obama to a beheaded queen?

The left is completely unhinged.

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