One Of The GREATESTS Moments During A Trump Rally Just Happened In NC, ‘We Love… (VIDEO)

You’ll never see this support for Joe Biden and Democrats should be quaking right now.

What happened earlier this week during a Trump rally in North Carolina is possibly one of the greatest moments ever.

President Trump was speaking about the American spirit and the crowd erupted into “We love you!” The President was flattered stopped speaking and showed his appreciation for his supporters. It was an incredible moment and it showed the bond between President Trump and Americans.

During the rally, President Trump was on fire!!!

He completely eviscerated Nancy Pelosi.

And is mocking leftists governors who shutdown churches but allow riots in the streets.

He also hammered Kamala Harris:

Biden did not escape either…

The morning after MSNBC was beside itself, they know how effective these rallies are. The President is headed to Michigan and Mika Brzezinski was begging Governor Whitmer to shut him down. However, Whitmer said that she isn’t going to fight that battle with the President.

It’s not just MSNBC, it’s CNN as well, check out this headline from notice what it says.

In summary, the story is about Trump telling his supporters to make sure when they vote they monitor what’s going on at the polls.

“Got to be careful with those ballots. Watch those ballots. I don’t like it. You know, you have a Democrat governor, you have all these Democrats watching that stuff, I don’t like it,” Trump said.

“Watch it. Be poll watchers when you go there. Watch all the thieving and stealing and robbing they do. Because this is important. We win North Carolina, we win.”
CNN is claiming that is an abuse of power. But, take a closer look at the headline “to secure a second term.” They already know Trump is most likely going to win as long Trump supporters stay motivated, which I don’t see stopping.
It seems as we get closer to the election the media is working overtime to threaten Americans with unrest over anything other than a Biden landslide and to delegitimize the results of the election in November.