Oops! LA Mayor Spills The Beans About COVID-19 Outbreak & BLM Protests (VIDEO)

Los Angeles, California Mayor Eric Garcetti, reluctantly admitted during a press briefing on Wednesday that recent Black Lives Matter protests in the Los Angeles area are partly responsible for the recent spike in Wuhan virus cases.

“Some of the spread did come from our protests,” Garcetti admitted, in response to a question from Breitbart News.

Garcetti is a strong supporter of the protests and has personally participated in them and at one point even removed his mask to address a crowd. However, during his address, he did warn demonstrators about the risk of COVID-19 at the protests.

Another journalist followed up and asked Garcetti how many coronavirus cases have come from the protests. He said that he is unsure of the exact number, but public health officials felt “more certitude than just a couple days ago” that the protests had been responsible for some of the spike. He did try and cover himself by saying that there is no conclusive evidence yet.

Garcetti then insisted that people should still protest. “I want to see march for racial justice continue,” he said. “I don’t want to let up, I don’t want to see us just disappear.”

He did add that people who participate in the protests should remain “socially distant,” wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.

On the eve of the news that unemployment has dropped to 11%, Garcetti said, “I’d love to see more and more of the economy open up, but we simply cannot endanger people’s lives.”

He’s also canceling the 4th of July…

“I know how much we look forward to this time of year. I know that we love seeing those fireworks exhibitions, but not this year. This year we have to think about saving lives to protect what we have in this country,” said Garcetti.

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