Pastor Calls Republicans ‘Sissies’ For Turning Their Backs On Roy Moore.

One pastor in Theodore Alabama is speaking out against Republicans who have asked Roy Moore to step aside. Dr. David Gonnella, pastor at  Magnolia Springs Baptist Church, didn’t mince words during his interview with Fox10.

The pastor wants the world to know that he still supports Roy Moore despite sexual allegations against Moore surfacing. Pastor Gonnella was clear when he stated he doesn’t believe the allegations at all.

He points out the timing in which these allegations have come out. Just when the Senat seats are up for grabs and Democrats are desperate to claim some of their own in an attempt to undermine the Trump administration.





As Reported By Toi Thornton with Fox10TV

After Kayla Moore released a list of pastors who she says are standing with her husband Roy Moore, even after the accusations, some pastors say they’ve withdrawn their support since the allegations came to light, but one local pastor says he’s proud to be on that list.

“I don’t desert my friends just on mere accusations, I require evidence,” said Pastor Gonnella.

Gonnella says he doesn’t believe the accusers and he thinks this is a coordinated smear campaign. He also questions the timing of the alleged victim’s accusations.

“Well perhaps satanically motivated, but Politically carried out,” said Gonnella.”Why was everyone, all these people silent for so many decades I want to all come for at the same time now.”

As more Republicans in Congress call for Moore to “step aside,” Gonnella says this leaves a sour taste in his mouth about the GOP.

“It’s funny how the Republican Party is. What a bunch of sissies! The Democrats rally around their candidate even when they’re guilty, Republicans want to throw them under the bus on a minor accusation without knowing whether they’re guilty or not,” he said.