Powerful Video: Proof From Around The Country These Riots Are A Planned Coordinated Attack On America

Independent reporter Tim Pool published a video providing proof around the country that these riots in America are planned orchestrated attacks and that Antifa is using the George Floyd murder to tear the country apart.

One of the great segments of the video is that of a black woman ripping a brick out of a young black man’s hand, then walking up to a black Mercedes full of Antifa yelling at them for trying to set the man up. Antifa is manipulating minorities and people out of work to cause chaos.

Tim Pool shows evidence police jurisdictions nationwide are finding flammable accelerate, pallets of bricks, water stations, and evidence that these groups also have trained medics.

Democrats and the mainstream media are dividing America claiming you are either for lawlessness or you are an enemy. This narrative must be is false, the far-left is trying to destroy this country and we need to expose them.

You can watch the video below.

Pool posted this video the same day military operations were expanded in Washington DC to quell unruly rioters. During the day protestors were allowed to peacefully protest, however, once the curfew came into effect rioters found discovered the hard truth they will not be permitted to run wild anymore.

True leadership…

Those buses are police and National Guard troops deploying in DC…

Unfortunately, deBlasio abandoned New York.

Warning, some of this is hard to watch however the media isn’t covering what liberals are allowing looters to do.

This NYPD officer was beaten.