Protesters Are Terrorizing The DHS Secretary – It Ain’t Pretty

Protesters Go To The Next Level And Bring The Protest To Nielson’s House.

Martin Luther King Jr was a proponent of peaceful protest. He encouraged many sit-ins and a peaceful march. But I doubt he would have thought to terrorize a family, especially at their home. But apparently, some overly obnoxious and downright despicable people thought that it would be OK to terrorize the Nielsen family. And unlike their previous attack at a restaurant, where they forced her to leave, they decided to up the ante and went to her home.

The protest, organized by the progressive group CREDO Action, took place at 7:30 a.m. In the pouring rain, protesters shouted several chants over megaphones, held posters that read “Child Snatcher” and played the audio clip released by ProPublica over a speaker system.”

On Twitter, they tweeted about the protest.

“Protestors are chanting “NO JUSTICE NO SLEEP!” and “FREE THE KIDS!” Neighbors are outside, looking out of windows”

DHS employees have been warned that there have been threats made against them that have been deemed credible.

This assessment is based on specific and credible threats that have been levied against certain DHS employees and a sharp increase in the overall number of general threats against DHS employees — although the veracity of each threat varies. In addition, over the last few days, thousands of employees have had their personally identifiable information publically (sic) released on social media,” the email said.”

Heidi Hess the co-director of CREDO feels that the Trump Administration should be held accountable regardless of their whereabouts.

There’s a child snatcher living in Alexandria, Virginia,” Ms. Hess said in a statement. “Rightfully so, there’s a huge amount of attention focused on the border and the detention centers but the people who are making the decisions are here in DC, so it’s important to shine a spotlight on them as well.”

This behavior is unacceptable, they are attacking a person that cannot change policy. Nielsen simply enforces current policies. If they were serious about making a change they should be protesting senators and congressman. This is not only ineffective but cruel as Nielson is doing her job to the letter, and getting berated because some advocates don’t like the laws. It’s as effective as protesting outside a patrolman’s house for a speeding ticket. So in other words ridiculous.