Pure Evil: Top Educator Caught Red Handed Over Worry About ‘Conservative Parents’ & Tries To Cover It Up…This Is Why Parents Are Homeschooling Their Kids

I know that not everyone can homeschool or has the ability to homeschool their children. As the pandemic continues to affect the nation it is a hope that homeschool co-ops will pop-up to help parents because the warning one of the nation’s top educators is pure evil.

Matthew R. Kay, is one of the “top educators” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a columnist for Educational Leadership Magazine, and recently wrote a book “Not Light, but Fire” and it has to do with creating anti-racists discussions and indoctrination in the classroom. Kay is a proponent of “safe spaces” and supportive of statues being torn down (we would link to it but he blocked his social media accounts after he was exposed).

In a rant on social media, Kay said that since classes will be virtual this fall he is concerned “conservative parents” will be listening to teacher’s classes and challenge educators who are trying to indoctrinate children.

His rant was discovered by independent journalist Tim Pool who posted that parents should homeschool their kids because “these people are legit evil.” Pool’s post went viral and it forced Kay to make his account private so only friends could see his posts. Before Kay made his account private I took screenshots of his posts.

Kay started off by saying virtual classes this fall will have a lot of spectators in the room and the teacher won’t be able to know who is listening in on their instruction.

Kay’s concern is that the “what happens here stays here” culture some teachers have created will disappear.

He’s worried that “helicopter/snowplow” parents will ruin his discussions about race and gender/sexuality discussions.

Kay said that “conservative parents” are his “chief concern.”

One educator responded that she is going to do a survey for students to pick which gender pronoun they would like to be referred to but worried “caregivers” will find out.

Teachers are worried that what they have done with our kids behind closed doors will now be exposed.

Teachers have an enormous responsibility to educate our children so I propose cameras in the classroom. Just like police officers need to wear body cameras our teachers who are entrusted with educating our children should be evaluated and monitored.