Radio Host ‘Debunks’ Trump’s Claims Says Protestors Are Peaceful. Then His Home Gets Attacked & He Becomes An Overnight 2nd Amend Supporter

Seattle radio host and Twitter-based criminal defense advocate Paul Gallant mocked President Donal Trump claiming that the protest occurring in Portland and Seattle are peaceful.

“Walked through it last night out of curiosity and saw no burning, pillaging, or deaths,” Gallant responded in June to Trump’s tweet calling out the violent leftists who continue to terrorize Seattle. “Chill dawg,” Gallant added sarcastically.

Over the weekend Gallant has had a change of heart after the “peaceful protestors” vandalized his apartment complex.

When Gallant came home he was warned by police to stay away because explosives may be inside. Earlier, Saturday the Seattle Police East Precinct was hit with an explosive.

Gallant who once defended the actions of extremists is “really angry right now.”

“I feel like I need to buy a firearm because clearly this is going to keep happening. Enough is enough,” Gallant furiously typed.

Gallant said he still stands by what he said a month ago.

It’s all fun and games until it comes to your neighborhood.

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