Republican Governor Stands Strong, Delivers Decisive Blow To Radical Gun Legislation

Talk to Republicans in the State of New Hampshire and they’ll tell you the people moving into the state from Massachusetts are ruining the state. For years people have been fleeing “Taxachusetts” for relief in New Hampshire. However, the consequences of that is Democrats have taken control of the state Senate and House.

Democrats attempted to ram a 77-page legislation through that would make a California liberal proud. Democrats were attempting to increase regulation on construction workers; provided death benefits to emergency medical technicians and rescue squad members; set up a database to track animal health records; allowed for expanded voting for sports book retail locations; and tried to push through a radical “red flag” law.

The Democrats rammed the bill through during an emergency coronavirus session which allowed the legislation to bypass the public hearing process.

When the 77-page legislation hit his desk of Governor Chris Sununu he veto’d it.

The 400-member House met at the University of New Hampshire’s arena in an attempt to override the governor’s veto. Even though Democrats control the House and Senate they needed a two-thirds majority to stop the Governor.

Thank God both chambers failed to override the veto.

“My office repeatedly sought consensus to move forward with a bill that would have protected vulnerable adults while safeguarding protections for victims of domestic violence,” Sununu said Wednesday. “It is unfortunate that the Legislature rejected our serious concerns and instead moved forward with a bill that could potentially erode protections for victims of domestic violence.”

Of course, Democrats haven’t played ball, they want to turn New Hampshire into California and Massachusetts.

As liberals flee the policies and politicians they voted for they are slowing turning red states into the hell holes they departed. Pay close attention to what is happening in New Hampshire because this is what the Democrats are going to seek to do if President Trump is defeated. They are going to rig the system so that an outsider get never get power again. They’ll also consolidate power so that America is like California and the two-party system we enjoy today will no longer exist.

Associated Press