Right On Cue: After Months Of Unrest Biden Calls For A ‘Weapons of War’ Ban

I was waiting for this…

Twenty four hours after two police officers were gunned down in California Joe Biden is calling for a weapons ban.

“Weapons of war have no place in our communities. We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” Biden wrote.

When I saw this I chuckled a bit.

You can’t even find an AR-15 right now since the riots broke out in May and you can almost forget trying to find 5.56 ammunition. People see these Democrat-run cities wanting to defund the police and they are buying defensive rifles, pistols, and ammunition at a record rate.

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a surge of new gun owners in urban and suburban areas. Even in California gun owners can’t keep firearms in stock because people are buying them up.

Independent journalist Tim Pool who is center-left (a Trump supporter) made a great comment.

Crime is rampant across the country, police are pulling back or being ordered to stand down and Joe Biden wants to take away the one thing that could protect you.

The man is out of touch.

Biden response to the officers being ambushed was to take away our rights, however, this was President Trump’s response:

In November you decide.