Senator Graham Breaks His Silence: SHREDS Dems Apart Over ‘Stall Tactics’ [Video]

The Democrats have been callous when it comes to this whole incident. Even if Ford is just mistaken and it was someone else. Or if she somehow comes out with damning evidence. This case is looking to be more of ‘a he said she said’ without a witness. But either way, the Democrats are still very much in the wrong. Ford gave the letter to Feinstein back in July and they suddenly decide to use it now. This is such a blatant stall tactic. Senator Graham weighed in the Kavanaugh case.

” All I would tell my colleagues, I know you hate Trump. I am going to look at this from a prism of being reasonable and fair to Judge Kavanaugh. Everything I know about Judge Kavanaugh goes against this allegation. I want to listen to Dr. Ford, I feel sorry for her I think she is being used here. People in my view are using her if she truly wanted to be anonymous the person that brought this accusation to the public owes her an apology.

I will do the following, listen to Dr. Ford compare that to everything and the record and make a decision. This accusation is 36 years old I don’t know when it happened, I don’t know where it happened, and all the people who have been named say it didn’t happen. So these two senators have an agenda that is related to their hatred for President Trump. I’m trying to be fair here and get this thing done in a reasonable way to Judge Kavanaugh as well as Dr. Ford.”

Watch The Video Below. 

The Democrats are definitely vile in their treatment of this allegation. But Ford is not necessarily being cooperative in this case. What did she expect? She should have known that she would have to take the stand eventually. The Judicial Committee has been more than accommodating. Senator Graham is being pretty decent here, despite the Democrats stall tactic I hope the rest of the Republicans have the same sentiment.