Senator Schumer Raging Rant Proves Pres Trump Latest Decision Scares Them To Death & Fox News Greg Gutfeld Points Out Why

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer raged on Tuesday about the President having the audacity to address the American people about the coronavirus.

“When the coronavirus briefings resume, President Trump should not take the podium,” Schumer said. “He’s a threat to public health.”

Schumer then raged on claiming the Republicans are delaying another stimulus bill saying they’ve “dithered and delayed.”

Senator Schumer is referring to the daily coronavirus task force briefings that the President has decided to continue. The Senate Minority Leader’s rant proves Trump is making the right decision. Democrats have had full reign on the Wuhan virus narrative since the briefings have stopped. The media has created what independent journalist Alex Berenson calls “panic porn” to scare the public.

Here’s a great example of “panic porn” on MSNBC:

The point of the briefings are so President Trump can fight the negative mainstream media and take the time to provide information.

It obviously bothered Schumer and Fox News Greg Gutfeld points out why.

“Let us not forget that it’s New York and New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts that have the worst death rates,” The Fox News host said. “These are Democratic-led states. Right now New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, they are one-third of the death rate, 6% of the population.”

According to Worldmeter, those states are the only ones that have over 1,000 deaths per million, with New York leading the charge.

“So when you have this narrative pushed by the media and then they poll the narrative, they push this narrative that Republicans, and by connection Trump, are responsible for badness and then they poll it and say ‘ooh, surprise, people are dissatisfied with it,’ it’s because you’re running this false narrative,” Gutfeld said.

“So the one thing we learned about COVID is that the only entity that made it worse is the media, and what Trump is trying to do is speak directly to the American people,” Gutfeld said. “And right now he’s more important than the experts who been proven wrong on so many things from masks to social distancing to the shutdown.”


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