Shady Subpoenas: Atlanta DA That Charged Officers In Rayshard Brooks Shooting Now Under Criminal Investigation

The mess occurring in Atlanta has all the makings of the Freddy Gray case in Baltimore only worse. In the death of Freddy Gray in Baltimore, there was no video to show exactly what happened, in Atlanta the incident is on tape. Just like in Baltimore an overzealous State Attorney submarined her own case and it eventually lead to the Baltimore officers being acquitted.

At least the State Attorney in Baltimore didn’t break the law to try and get a conviction however, in Atlanta things are going off the rails.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has expanded its criminal investigation into Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard over questionable grand jury subpoenas.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr has authorized the GBI to expand their investigation when they learned about subpoenas Howard’s office issued about Officer Garrett Rolfe’s use of force against Brooks. Brooks was shot and killed by Rolfe after he resisted arrest when Brooks realized he was going to jail for suspected DUI.

Howard issued grand jury subpoenas ordering the Atlanta Police Department to turn over material from the “open investigation regarding Garrett Rolfe and the use of force incident.”

Fox 5 Atlanta reported that these subpoenas require that the documents be turned over for the “Grand Jury, June/July term on the 14th day of July.

FOX 5 points out that the grand jury subpoenas were issued despite grand jury’s being suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Grand Jury’s have been suspended since March 13th.

Legal experts told FOX 5 that issuing grand jury subpoenas while there are no grand jury’s active could be “an ethical or possibly criminal issue.”

The GBI was already investigating Howard over a “mysterious salary supplement negotiated between Howard and then Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed” that directed $250,000 over a 3-year period into a non-profit that was run by the DA’s office, Fox 5 reports. Howard allegedly took $140,000 from those funds to supplement his own salary.

Fox 4 Atlanta