So Sad: As Pelosi Attacks Protestors, One Man Explains How His Life Has Been Destroyed

As Pelosi shows off her ice cream collection and attacks protestors who want America to get back on their feet, one protestor explains how his life is being ruined.

Bob Barton, a Minnesota resort owner, gave an interview with Breitbart News and explained that he is going to lose his business within the next 30 days if Gov. Tim Walz (D-MN) does not ease up on the stay at home order.

Barton was taking part in the “liberate Minnesota” protest outside of the governor’s residence in Saint Paul, MN.

Below is a partial transcript:

I’m here because unless the governor lifts to stay-at-home order, in another 30 days, I’m out of business. And when you own a resort, typically, a resort owner lives on the resort. I don’t lose just my business. I lose my home because we have a three-month season in which we make our living, and [Walz is] already talking about truncating it by a month now. Me and hundreds of other resorts will go out of business this year.

In this state, over 30 years ago, there were over 2,500 resorts. We’re down to a hair over 800. I would think that we’re going to lose half of those this year, and northern Minnesota is all tourism-based. We’re all interrelated, whether it’s a resort, or a bait store, or a hardware store, or a grocery store, or gas station, you name it — when one sector goes down, we all go down.

If he does not lift this stay-at-home order, there will not be an economy to recover in northern Minnesota. Primarily resorts, once they’re gone, they never come back. We’re going to lose an entire third of the state.

On Sunday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked protestors like Barton telling Fox News Chris Wallace that she doesn’t understand why Americans are protesting “shelter in place.”

“That is really the answer,” Pelosi said. “Testing. Tracing. Treatment. Shelter in place… But, you know, people will do what they do.”

“The fact is, we’re all impatient. We all want out. But what they’re doing is really unfortunate,” she said. 

She also hinted that the protests were a right-wing conspiracy to take heat off the President.

“There are some in some places, largely where there’s a Democratic governor. But I think of it largely as a distraction and the president’s embrace of it as a distraction from the fact that he has not appropriately done testing, treatment, contact tracing, and quarantine,” she said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Of course, Pelosi wouldn’t understand, she’s part of the elite ruling class who’s never had to worry about her financial security a day in her life.

Meanwhile, as Barton loses his business Pelosi shows off her ice cream collection…


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